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Weird, gooey sandstone


I was making a building and I couldn’t draw the windows the way I wanted so…either I was really hungry or really tired…and I did this.

And seriously, Greenland is not bigger than Africa.


Today was September 11th

Today when I went to school, in homeroom, when I got there, the TV was on and it was the weird school broadcast that comes on every day. But after that ended Mr. Cutler, the Parent Liason and sort of Vice-Vice-Principle started talking about 9-11. He went on for a little while. Then we were shown this bizarre montage of 9-11 in New York. And then he talked about 9-11 in the DC area and then we saw another montage about the single tower, called the “Freedom Tower,” that is going to replace the Twin Towers. Then after that two poems were read by Mr. Cutler and someone who is in some of my classes.  After that we had a small moment of silence. Then the normal day started. I was pissed off.

I was pissed off for two reasons. One, no one talked about the United States retaliation with the “War on Terror,” except for once, but that was in a tone of “that was the right thing to do” and not at all about the amount of deaths that occurred because of that. And number two, which is, the day before I refused to stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance. And several days beforehand.

The school counselor called my parents the first day. During 5th “mod(ule)” two days ago I was confronted by my homeroom teacher. He told me I was giving someone a hard time. I asked him about what. He said in homeroom. That’s all he said. I thought for about a minute. And said, “Oh, you mean the Pledge of Allegiance.” He said “Yes, now why do you refuse to stand up for it?” I said “for political reasons.” I am an anti-nationalist. I do not believe nationalism, or patriotism, is any system that anyone should be running — especially on children. If someone has direct sort of sworn loyalty to any massive group of people then their kind of getting rid of a lot of their personal freedoms, like now you are expected to volunteer in the draft. As an example I told him to think about Nazi Germany, which was extremely nationalistic.

There is an insulting poster in my cafeteria. It says, “A rainbow of cultures all under one destiny.” These words circle a globe; the only land-mass in the globe is the United States of America. Can you explain which fascist did this?

So, my mother told this teacher and the guidance counselor that she wouldn’t say the pledge either because she is a pacifist. My father looked up whether or not there are legal circumstances which force me to say this pledge and there aren’t. My friend Sam sent me his blog piece about the pledge and him:

So, back to being pissed off about September 11th, which still I am. My teacher told me that I should stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance because people DIED for me to have the freedom that I do. But many people died in 9-11 and the events that caused it and it caused and I didn’t have to stand up for them. I just had to sit still for a little while like I normally do in class.

We were given a small project, to make a “Freedom Flag” or something like that. We were all given little sheets of paper where we would write a poem or draw something that was then going to be laminated onto the flag. Mine was Mark Twain’s proposal for a new American Flag. All the stars are replaced with crossbones and the white stripes are now in black. It’s in a People’s History of the United States. Mark Twain spent the last years of his life protesting the Filipino War.

This poster is in the office of my school:

Evil Poster

This is going to be kind of boring for me.  At Back To School Night, two days ago, my mother came with me to meet my teachers. I’m going to skip most of it and cut straight to the chase. After the actual Back To The School Night had occurred, me, Mr. Jones (the school counselor), my mother, my homeroom and 5th mod teacher, and my English teacher talked about me and how I’m not sued to this sort of environment. At times I might think we are doing something wrong. The way we spoke about things I felt was a little unnerving, like I had some sort of problem. But I also felt like they all cared about me.

Almost all of my teachers look like and act like they came from a working-class background. After our talk with everyone me and my mother talked about how my teachers are oppressed people too. This made me feel a little guilty and sympathetic. My teachers must see me as either odd or confused or a little bit of both. 

Today on the bus some kid said that America is the “stupidest, gayest nation there is.” I screamed “HOMOPHOBE!” The person next to me joined me. We pointed out that homophobia is a stupid and terrible thing. We pretty much made him feel really bad.

That’s all I got for today.


Human Traffic

Above view

Above view

I built this piece (“Human Traffic”) for BrickFest 2009 in Virginia/DC. I named it Human Traffic because it’s about people who self-enslave themselves so that they may live in a Utopian society free of all the dangers of emotions. The “traffic” comes from how there is supposed to be whole line of people moving slowly, traffic, and also they are self-enslaved, trafficked.  It’s funny that I made this out of Legos because Lego is a giant corporation but also it’s a toy, meant to make people happy.
I made this before school started. Now that school has started I’m kind of frightened by the similarities between the art piece and my school. I never really went to public school for too long before. I went to a Sudbury school, then I was homeschooled, then I went to a Friend’s school. That school went bankrupt, and at the Sudbury school you could hurt someone and get away with it unless enough people really did feel that it was wrong,  so I am now in public school. At the Sudbury school democracy ate itself up because people weren’t really concerned about other people’s feelings. At public school it’s the same thing on a broader scale. Because our society cares so much about security and because what should really be used as funding for good things is used for the military our schools don’t have enough money and the people that run them aren’t paid enough and get stressed out and they frequently believe in a militaristic society. Our schools have no democracy, just like the Sudbury school had no democracy really, but also because of democracy. We live in a democracy and these are the schools we have made. I don’t want to get rid of democracy but people need to care about other people for it to work.
At the Quaker school the teachers really cared about all the students. There was freedom, but not really democracy though. I liked that better than complete democracy with no one really caring about anyone else.

 Computers destroy emotions. “Lol” means you have stopped laughing. I would like to have physical work. No one has physical work in my city. 

No one has physical work at my school either. My school is faceless office work training.

Ghostly reflection

Ghostly reflection

This photo makes everyone look like a ghost, sort of transparent. Everyone is dead. Or good as dead. But they are not vampires. They are plastic.
Shadows of flowers

Shadows of flowers

The flowers are there to point out that the world still exists even if no one wants to see it again.

At my school we are not allowed to go outside beyond the fenced-in temps and the school field. It reminds me of an internment camp. There is barbed wire on the fences. The temps are trailers. They look like standard buildings in an internment camp. Colorless, all the blinds are closed. It is silent for the most part, till come lunch, then we are screamed at and insulted.

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