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Terrorist Genesis One

Today at school two of my classmates were called to the office twice to be told that they had begun a career in terrorism. As the story goes one of the two students owns a book called Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction and it’s like The Dangerous Book For Boys (which is sold at Costco) and all that. It’s basically for teaching the making of non-lethal firearms to mess around with in your backyard.  This is all because being male in the US is about enjoying firing some sort of projectile out of some sort of canon. I think we can guess that The Daring Book For Girls does not teach stuff like this, though I might be wrong.

Alas, alas, my classmates made a small pencil firing crossbow in science one day, which is perfectly scientific. The people who work for Lockheed Martin are scientists. And they messed around with it, firing at their notebooks, and now, about a month later, they were called into the office. There were several people playing with the pencil crossbow, but only two of them were punished. They were told they were “suitable for expulsion” for their actions a month ago. And that “this is probably how most terrorists got their start.”

I thought most terrorists got their start when their families were killed or had seen their house reduced to rubble by a US stealth bombing or affected by any other organized violence.  This is like my “why does the principle think that all boys are waiting to be rapists?” argument.  Nobody is just dying to kill or hurt everybody, unless they have serious psychological issues. If you find yourself wanting to hurt people, please see a therapist. Let me be the first to tell you that that is messed up. And I think even most of those messed up people can’t have too many impulses to just destroy the world.

Maybe this is more like how all US presidents get their start. Even you, Obama! I know about Afghanistan.

Why is this knowledge so dangerous? I mean, yeah, I guess nobody wants a pencil launched at them by rubber-band power. But they were launching them at notebooks. Yeah, one of them flew across the room. Accidents happen. But that was one of the funnest science classes I’ve ever had. And I’ve taken this subject equivalent to five times.  Nothing else seems to be offered. I could write a song in the form of the curriculm.

I guess my real question is why are such stupidly dangerous people in charge of our school system? I mean the administrators here. My teachers are OK. We’re all in this mess together.


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