MeWindy is a former teen mom, community and union organizer, an unprogrammed Quaker from Baltimore Yearly Meeting, an Alabamian living in the Maryland suburbs of DC, a wife deeply in love with her husband, a survivor of domestic abuse, a devoted PTA member and a seminarian at Earlham School of Religion. She has lived a lot of lives and strives to make sense of them all as one life.

In her commitment to Friends and to the ideals of the beloved community, she has devoted her time to this ministry of Quaker family life, in all of its many forms, in all of its real needs. Her ministry is inclusive and affirming and is grounded in the growth and spiritual health of Friends wherever we are on our journey together. She believes that in the intimacy of the hearth we find one another and in the community of the square, we find one another. Wherever we are we are called to love and to community. She believes that is no small or easy call. We must support one another, no matter how messy it is, in joy and in fear and in success and in error. Windy’s ministry is a support in the messiness of real life.