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A Letter To The Editor

This was sent to the Prince George’s County Gazette today. If you want to write a letter too, please do. Send it to:

Our public school system is messed up. We seem to have education confused with the military. Students are exposed to drilling and demands of constant obedience. “Smart people” are obedient.

This year I started Hyattsville Middle School where at lunch, for instance, administrative staff stand at the podium every day and scream at us. They demand we sit down, be quiet. This makes me angry and I can’t work because I spend all day thinking about just how loud it is at my school and how upset I am.  It’s not the kids who are loud. It’s the adults.

Even teachers seem to think some of our many rules are distracting. As an example, students may not wear anything with a lining. It’s cold. Why can’t we wear normal clothes? No one knows why. My teachers all say it isn’t them and they don’t care about sports jackets. I think about this, not Algebra. 

My principle is Ms. Golden. She is responsible for the rules at my school. She yells at children. I have never seen her speak in a normal tone of voice. My father witnessed her humiliating a girl who was wearing a sleeveless shirt. Ms. Golden told her it was dangerous, that boys would want to rape her. I’m confused. Why would I want to rape anyone? Don’t you have to be messed up to want to rape someone? I thought the whole idea was that rapists were people with serious problems.

I started a blog named after the song “Alice’s Restaurant” if you want to read more about my school.  It’s at

Our school system needs change, desperately. I’m going  to one of the “best” public schools in the county and I can’t eat my lunch without being told I’m an idiot, or walk down the hall without being a rapist, or be warm and not be a terrorist.

Those of you who think I’m a troublemaker are right maybe. But I’m a kid and I need your help. Other kids are scared, or just used to being treated like this, so they don’t write to ask you.


I’m not dead yet

In the past few weeks I have decided to do these things:

  1. Rebel against a certain rule in my school
  2. Write a letter to the editor of the local newspaper about the yelling at lunch, which continues three months into the school year
  3. Attempt to lobby for funding for schools across the US

The first item on my to-do list I started three days ago.  The rule is that anything worn above the waist may not have a lining.  Are we a kosher school? Not that I’m aware of.  Anyway, so you may not wear any outdoor jacket, even if it does not in fact have a lining, because they’ll just guess it does and they are always right.  I’m wearing my jacket to school every day. I tell other kids to leave their jackets on too.  And when the principle tries to take them away I say, “Don’t do it.”  Goodbye cruel world. I have not gotten in trouble because the only people who care, the principle and the vice-vice-vice principle, have yet to see me in Fall attire. Sometimes it’s too hot. My teacher and the vice-vice principle saw me and they told me to take off my jacket and I said I couldn’t do that, but they said that if I got in trouble so would they. I felt sorry for them and I took the jacket off — for them.  Every teacher I talk to about this issue says they think it’s silly.

I am going to write the letter to the editor today. It will be on my blog soon. Goodbye cruel world.  Part of my letter is about my protest of the yelling a few weeks ago where I held a sign up at lunch that said “Please give respect. Please don’t yell.” “Whose yelling?” said the vice-principle at the podium, but then he took his eyes off me to yell at another student. When I held up the sign it was like I was holding up the head of Satan. Some kids covered their eyes and leaned back and were screaming, “Put it down!” Some of them tugged on my arm. The entire cafeteria looked at me through their fingers and it seems like everyone knows my name now. Everywhere I go kids say, “Hi, Mac.” But the teachers still call me Thomas. The principle calls me Thomas, as opposed to “young man.”  The vice-principle knows my name is Mac. As does the vice-vice. Let’s hope the information never passes down to the vice-vice-vice, one of the 137 fallen angels.

My final act is still in the planning stages. So far it involves screaming at the White House. By the way — trivia: over 50% of US tax dollars go to our military budget. Before a nurse called my mother and told her to pick up Thomas today (I was sick; I think I have an ulcer) I was talking to the two nurses about how our schools need more funding so we don’t have to sell stupid fake jewelry just to buy toilet paper. They said, “Well, you can try to do that…” And I said “Sure, I think I will.”

And, hey, my birthday has passed. I’ve lived on this planet 14 years. I’ve lived on Jupiter 128.

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