During the Summer of 2018 Windy is traveling to as many Friends General Conference yearly meetings and Friends General Conference/Friends United Meeting joint affiliated yearly meetings as possible interviewing Friends about who our families are, what we need, what we are successful with and what we need help with.

Primarily Windy seeks to understand how Quaker families and our local and yearly meetings are in service to one another in building up healthy family culture, as we define it, and healthy meetings. This will include an understanding of our responsibility to marriage and other forms of commitment, to relationships between generations, to life cycles and transitions, and to dysfunctions within the home or meeting including the presence of domestic abuse and non-abusive conflict.
Ob in his Seminary Shirt
Windy’s son Ob wearing his seminary shirt
Special attention will be paid to our relationship as a community to issues of race, class, age, orientation, and gender. Windy is interested in how vital intimacy and mutual commitment is to the health of individual families and to the life of a meeting community.
A Spiritual State of our Families report will be made available to all Friends in the Fall of 2018, based on these interviews and other research.
This work is supported by the generous support of individual Friends and meetings and an “Innovation Grant” awarded by Earlham School of Religion. It is embraced as a recognized ministry by Baltimore Yearly Meeting. All donors and other support efforts will be recognized in the preface to the Spiritual State of Our Families report.